Blog Hop: Hoarding Confessions

Amanda with the $900 Facebook Pony started a blog hop, so I figured I should jump in before my blog shuts itself down from abandonment. Between P’s eye, wrapping up work to go on vacation, traveling to Chicago and now BEING on vacation (in Chicago), blog material is at an all-time low.

I’ve been feeling very twilight-zoney with our rides. Due to the antibiotics, P’s pupil was very dilated so he could only be ridden when the sun wasn’t out, which meant at night under lights in the arena. The exact time as everyone else and when all the lessons were going on. Being on vacation that week helped nothing at all, it turns out. Also the vet said to take it kind of easy in case he was in pain and not showing it. P surprisingly is a pretty stoic horse and will bottle it up until he Just.Can’t.Take.It. So when he gets to that point, it’s just bad news. I don’t like to be near him when he gets to that point.

We did have one almost-lesson with trainer J, but it wasn’t meant to be, as she developed food poisoning. So we will meet again after I get back next week and I’ll also be scheduling a jump lesson with the clinician at KFP. I would like to ideally show in Aiken at the end of January. Good luck to us!

Onto the blog hop!


I don’t think I’m much of a hoarder, except of saddle pads. I have quite the collection and am always game to add to it. The first thing I do when I go into any tack store is to check the saddle pads. Except dressage pads…one black schooling pad (SmartPak brand), one white competition pad (Mattes) and one white half pad (Mattes) and that’s it. Not such a DQ. For my jump saddle I have 8 pads and 4 half pads. Yeesh.

I also appear to be a saddle hoarder, though this was accidental. When I got P I had one jump saddle that fit my last horse Jester (an HDR close contact) and my dressage saddle. Since P is the horse from hell to fit to a jump saddle, I bought a Dover adjustable saddle since it fit him decently and I knew wouldn’t last. The County rep who came out wanted me to get a $6k completely custom saddle (of course) even though 7 different demo styles didn’t fit him. Uh, no.

The Dover saddle lasted about 6 months before we were on the hunt again. I half heartedly put them up for sale, but they’ve been collecting dust in various parts of the house. Another HDR saddle was given to me by a friend to try and when it didn’t fit (because that would’ve been too easy), he didn’t need it back since he got out of horses a long time ago, so it joined my cast of misfits while I shipped in 20+ saddles over the span of 2 months. UPS and FedEx love me.

My husband finally couldn’t take the saddles showing up in random areas of the new house so he screwed some saddle racks into the garage and there they sit. He loves me.


I think I’ve got a reasonable number of breeches- 4 black pairs (Kerrits & SmartPak), 2 white pairs (Tredstep & Kerrits), and 3 tan pairs (Kerrits, SmartPak and Tredstep), plus a few pairs of tights. Although I love boots, I’ve only got one pair of paddock boots for everyday schooling with half chaps, one pair of tall boots that I despise and one pair of muck boots. P has one set of open fronts and one set of xc. I’ve got 3 bridles- 1 jump, 1 backup jump and 1 dressage. We won’t talk about riding shirts…I guess I do hoard polo shirts. I’ve got at least a dozen between SmartPak, Riding Warehouse, Ariet and regular store shirts. I’ve got 3 show shirts and 2 jackets- 1 dressage and 1 jump. 2 pairs of gloves, Roeckl and Ariet. 2 Mango Bay belts and 2 C4 belts (one for P as a neck strap and one for me!). 2 fly bonnets. 2 pairs of riding socks. A multitude of buckets. 2 bits (I cut waaaay down). An assortment of bandages and polo wraps. 1 dress sheet and 1 heavyweight blanket for P. 2 sets of clippers (Tackmaster and Andis). Lots of purple shampoo.

Oh, and a truck and trailer.


Hmmmm, what’s Matt got to complain about? I hardly have anything at all!



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