LQ Trailers…Too.Many.Choices.

In 2011 I purchased my very first horse trailer, a 2007 Hawk 2H straight load with a dressing room. I love my trailer and it has served me extremely well. But those were the days when all my shows were local and one day. Now I’m in Aiken at least one weekend a month to train, not to mention most of the horse trials that I go to are there or at least 2 hours away, requiring overnight stays.


Perfect starter rig


In the spring I tried out the camping thing, and I’m sad to say that it just isn’t for me. Not to mention there’s no way for the family to come if they wanted, so when I go, either they drive separately on show day or we stay in a hotel. And if we stay in a hotel it has to be one with an indoor pool so my husband can stay sane.

So I’ve been entertaining the thought of selling my current trailer and getting a trailer with living quarters. At first I envisioned something really just with heat/AC and a refrigerator. Then I started my search. Damn you, Internet.

Needs List #1:

  • Ramp
  • Awning
  • 7’6″ tall
  • Refrigerator
  • Heat/AC
  • 2 or 3 horse (3 horse would allow me to haul a golf cart as well)
  • Under $20,000

Then I saw one that had a “cowboy shower” in the rear. A cowboy shower is one in the horse area.


Now that would be handy because helmet hair in a South Carolina summer is gross. So that made it’s way onto my list. And I definitely want to get a golf cart or some sort of vehicle to take with me.

Needs List #2:

  • Ramp
  • Awning
  • 7’6″ tall
  • Refrigerator
  • Heat/AC
  • Shower
  • 3 horse slant- or 2+1 but those with LQ are super rare
  • Under $20,000

So armed with those new requirements, I continued on my search. And for SOME reason, I put my price range up to $40,000. Why oh why? I can’t actually buy a trailer for $40,000. I just bought a new truck. There’s no way. But I did and then I CLICKED on ads for said $40k trailers.



I want dis.

Then I saw some with slides. And now I want a slide. Because then when the kids are sleeping on the pullout couch, I can still have room to move around.


I suppose that will be enough room. I’ll settle.

Most of the trailers that have a shower also have a full bathroom. If we take the kids, that’s kind of a necessity. So it went on the list. Because apparently I think I have kids that want to come to horse shows? Riiiiiiight….and I haven’t even been drinking.

Needs List #3:

  • Ramp
  • Awning
  • 7’6″ tall
  • Heat/AC
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave (because all Baby Noah eats are chicken nuggets)
  • Sofa bed- or dinette that turns into a bed
  • Full bathroom
  • 3 horse slant with stud divider in 1st stall (so said show vehicle doesn’t hit my horse)
  • Under $25,000


See what I did there? Sneaky, right? My husband hardly even noticed when I slipped that last one in there. A few sentences later I could see a lightbulb forming over his head so I just kept talking really fast and I’m pretty sure he forgot.


Anyway, so then I made the mistake of getting onto the Double D Trailers website. I saw that they have a model that starts at $28,000! That’s PRACTICALLY $25,000, right?

Well…by the time I was done customizing mine, it was $66,000. Back to square 1, with a whole lot more added to the list.

Needs List #4:

  • Awning
  • 7’6″ tall
  • Full bathroom
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Pullout sofa or dinette/bed
  • TV hookup
  • Stud divider in front stall

Wants List:

  • Ramp (most slant loads don’t come with a ramp so something had to go)
  • Electric awning
  • Electric jack
  • Dual propane
  • Outside water spigot
  • Screen door
  • Cameras in horse area
  • Fans in horse area
  • Escape door in first stall (where stuff will be stored)

Then I noticed that some of the trailers I was looking at mentioned wood floors. Holy hell, I forgot about floors! Mine is rumber, it doesn’t wear or break, and there’s nothing to replace. It’s inspected twice a year when I get my whole trailer checked over, but it’s very low maintenance. And OF COURSE it’s not standard with most brands.


THEN I realized I really have no idea what I’m doing. Do I go with steel frame/aluminum skin? That’s what mine is,  but does that mean it’s a steel floor? Will it rust without the rumber floor? How do you replace floors? What if the floor breaks when I’m on the highway? And P loses a leg? That’s why I definitely need the cameras. In case his leg goes through my rusted steel floor. So that got me completely overwhelmed and I just shut my computer down.

Then I remembered I was at work and only supposed to be taking a mini break from working on a grant, so I had to fire it back up again.


That really only made things worse. Because then there were other little options that some had, some didn’t. Do I need 1 propane tank or 2? What the hell is a gray tank? And a black tank? Do I need a generator? Can you actually watch TV in a trailer? How? How often do you inspect/replace wooden floors?

Long story short, I can’t make a damn decision. Here are a couple I’m looking quite seriously at, but again, decision-making IS HARD.






If you have/have ever had a horse trailer with living quarters, what did you find you had to have? What did you never use?






10 thoughts on “LQ Trailers…Too.Many.Choices.”

  1. I don’t have a LQ trailer, but I do have a truck camper that we take with us just about everywhere, and it’s basically the same thing.

    Here are the things I cannot live without: Really comfortable queen sized mattress. Potty. Gas stove. Air conditioning/heat.

    Here are the things we have that we never use: Refrigerator (it takes too long to get cold, we just use an ice chest). Shower (the water never quite heats enough and the grey water tank fills up too fast to use it, plus almost every facility we go to has showers).

    Here are the things we don’t have that I don’t miss: Refrigerator. TV. Awning.

    We haul a 2 horse WB-sized straight BP with a dressing room and ramp. Works dandy AND we can fit just about anywhere.

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    1. Thank you! I didn’t even think about how long it would take for the refrigerator to get cold. None of the facilities I’ve been to this year have showers, but as we get out more maybe we’ll find some good ones. Fitting into places is what I’m most concerned about. I’m fairly good at backing up and parking my current trailer, but I don’t want to add too much length to it!


  2. You can install a lot of stuff after purchase. Like a cowboy shower and a stud wall divider. So I wouldn’t limit yourself to just trailers that meet you list. There’s a cool fb group called Horse trailer conversions II (one isn’t active anymore). People are always posting about cool additions to their trailers and discussing pros and cons to various additions. I’d recommend checking it out.

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    1. Thanks for the tip- I joined the group and will look more into that! My husband is awesome at DIY but with our work schedules, I don’t know if he’d have the time. Definitely will look more into that though!


  3. I really wish I had known how much I would be traveling to compete because I totally would have bought something with LQ. I don’t really like slants though so I would end up with something huge.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you end up with!

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    1. Right? If I had known, I would have saved up and bought one from the outset. I’ve never had a slant (duh, because I’ve only had one trailer), but one time I hauled P without the divider in it and the WHOLE drive he put himself in the slant position. I would LOVE a 2+1 the most but there are practically none with LQ and the ones that are out there are way too expensive.


  4. I don’t have much to say on the LQ part but… change the electric jack to a need!!!! Omg life is so amazing with an electric jack!!!! Mine has one and I don’t think I could ever buy a trailer without it (or budget it in for adding on after purchase) It is truely life changing.

    And wood floors- I would buy this over steel floors any day. Or at least from what I’ve heard bc wood is easily replaced but steel is trickier if it rusts (and eventually will bc ya know pee and outsideness) My trailer is a 1999/2000? (Something like that) and as far as I know the floor has not been replaced (I’ve had it for 10 years) You should check them at least once a year but I do this when I take my trailer in for it’s yearly maintenance checkup.

    And best guess for LQ things is decide how often you can hook up to power and have access to showers when you’re at shows vs living out of your trailer without any assistance.

    Hope this helps!!! Good luck with your search!!! P is going to be traveling in some major style soon!!

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    1. That is SUPER helpful!! I definitely didn’t want a steel floor because of the rest, but wasn’t sure if trailers that said steel frame/aluminum skin meant that the floor is steel or aluminum? I do think I’m changing the electric jack thing to a “need”, haha!


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