And…I’m Broke

After Tuesday’s trailer awning incident I wanted to get the awning replaced as quickly as possible. I’m aiming for a June HT at Carolina Horse Park, then another in Aug and the awning helps make everything bearable here in NC. So I called up my trusty trailer guy and brought it in for him to inspect yesterday.

And I may have asked for a quote on a few modifications that I’ve been pondering. Just for general knowledge, ya know.


Awhile ago I was considering selling my current trailer and getting an LQ. Financing is next to impossible to get on a trailer 10 years or older, so if I was going to sell mine (a 2007), then I had to act fast. But then I sent P away, and pretty much all things horse-related fell by the wayside.

And even when I got P back I realized I don’t really want to sell my horse trailer. Most LQs are 3 horse slants, and I have 1 horse. I will probably always have just one horse. And I haul a ton just locally to lessons and trails and schooling…I don’t really want to be lugging around an LQ.

The other thing is that my trailer is just an awesome trailer. Hawks are super well made and bonus of all bonuses, mine has rumber flooring. 10 years later and it’s still in perfect shape. The dressing room is more than large enough for all my crap, I can use the second stall to store things, and the GN is big enough for everything else. Plus my trailer fits just about everywhere. So why would I sell it?

Well, there a couple of less than ideal things.

  1. Each stall only has 1 roof vent and the windows (screens) are pretty much useless. My trailer guy said that he installs the windows in such a way that they’re pretty much backwards, but airflow-wise it makes much more sense.

    With this window, P gets air on maybe the last 2 inches of his butt
  2. The top door on the right in the back won’t latch when it’s open because of the awning arm. So I have to tie it with a leadrope or something so it doesn’t swing around. Post4
  3. Even with the GN windows open, the dressing room gets SO HOT. There’s no way I can sleep in there, and I tried the whole camping in the horse area thing and it just wasn’t for me.

So I asked for a quote on installing AC in the dressing room, fans in the horse area, and installing windows in the top doors on the back.

Oh yeah, and the awning. Ya know, the original reason I was even there. Mine was just a manual one, and while it was do-able with one person, it was much easier to do with 2 people. So I asked for quotes on electric and manual one to compare.

So he sent me some quotes and some ideas and we’re going with:

Hinge extender on the back so I can lock open both rear windows- that’s $150 instead of either the windows ($600+) or the fans ($350). My ramp is taller than P’s butt and the design of the doors and the sturdiness of the bolts are such that it would be fine (and the most efficient airflow-wise) to trailer with the top doors open. My only concern with that is other people and their stupidity. So I’ll be investing in a trailer cam, to be able to keep an eye on things in there. P has always been a good traveler, so I’m not worried about him freaking out, but I am going to take a few local test drives with him before committing to a longer haul with the doors open.

Electric awning (they have teal!) with the 12 volt deep cycle battery under the neck: $2,098. The way I’m justifying it is this: I loved having the awning, but putting it up and taking it back out was a pain. It’s easiest with 2 people, though doable with one, but if it was even slightly windy, I either wouldn’t put it out or I would at least retract it while I rode. The last thing I’d need is to come back from my round and see my awning blowing away or hanging off the trailer. Pushing a button is so much easier than the manual.

Roof top AC with 15 amp exterior inlet and 110 volt interior outlet: $1,798.

The battery will make it possible to use the interior and exterior lights on my trailer without having it hooked up to my running truck, and I can use the interior outlet that will be installed inside the dressing room to run a fan, charge my phone or whatever. The battery will charge once I hook my truck up and run it, but he said it should be more than sufficient.

It also leaves me options for how I want to run lights, AC, etc. If it’s overnight, I can rent one of the RV spaces which are usually less than $40/night and plug it in using an adaptor (most RV sites are 30 amp). If it’s a day thing and/or there’s not a hook up, I can run everything using a generator (that still needs to be purchased as soon as I can find a quiet one that doesn’t break the bank).

I thought about going all out and installing a cowboy shower, but then frugally (HA!) decided no. Camp showers and portable toilets are pretty reasonable and easy to pack.

I do need to find a mattress. I’ve heard air mattresses aren’t ideal, but I need something that’s easy enough for 1 person to take in and out of the GN area.

It was hard to press send when emailing him back confirming what I wanted. But the AC unit and the awning needed to be ordered, so time was of the essence.



I can’t tell you all how excited I am for this. And don’t expect nothing less than me pulling into Rolex next year with my regular horse trailer to sleep in.

Probably because I won’t be able to afford airfare and a hotel again.




7 thoughts on “And…I’m Broke”

  1. My truck is trying to bankrupt me, so I know the feeling. We shower in our trailer without installing a cowboy shower. If you go to my blog and look under Horse Camping there’s a post about it. I’m jealous of your improvements though. I’ve been trying to figure out how to install A/C into our truck, but we rarely camp at places with hookup and I’m hesitant to get a generator, but maybe one day. The retractable awning sounds great; I’d like one of those too.


    1. Love the idea about the kiddie pool! The awning is honestly something that once you have, you can’t NOT have. Especially when you have whiny kids!



  2. In the summer I always travel with the top doors latched open and haven’t worried to much 🙂 I don’t like traveling down the interstate with them open since I’m usually going 70ish mph and feel like I was told not to leave the top doors open? I have no idea!! (Does your trailer guy have an opinion on this?) But for highways and local roads I don’t even hesitate about leaving them open 🙂

    But I think the AC and awning are a great idea and soooo worth it in the summer heat!!!! If I end up going to the Aug HT I know where I’ll be parking… next to you!!!!!! 😂😂😂


    1. Good to know! I asked him the same thing since I always take 77 to Aiken and take 85 most everywhere else. He said it was fine!

      And yes, park next to me and we’ll par-tay!



  3. I like your plan! I am so excited to just have my own trailer and not have to share anymore…an air mattress and air conditioning sounds very luxurious to me! 😉


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