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When a Pro Rides Your Horse…

He will make that horse look like a majikal unicorn.


BAHAHAHAAHA, YEAH RIGHT. This is Pilgrim we’re talking about, y’all. P don’t care what your accomplishments are.

P is perpetually unimpressed

Yesterday we had a lesson with Trainer B. At our lesson last Friday, Trainer P commented that he’d like to sit on him to get a feel for him. Of course I tried to get him to hop on right then and there before my arms broke from trying to hold back the tornado that was my pony that day, but apparently wearing regular pants, tennis shoes and not having your helmet there was a deterrent.

So just to make sure we were on the same page, I texted him as we were heading out to let him know not to forget his helmet. Because I had zero plans for riding my horse that day.


Now before you say that’s cruel, P had some pretty awesome rides Monday & Tuesday. Monday we hopped around some jumps and Tuesday we did some dressaging.




Trainer B got on straight away and put P through his paces. It was really eye-opening to see the differences in our warmups. I tend not to ask for too much too soon, but Trainer B went right into trainer mode, and was shortening and lengthening each gait, halting, reining back, working laterally, flexing side to side…it was my warmup x infinity.


Once P was really listening, he took him over a cross-rail a few times, then went right for the Almighty Roll Top. It was still set in the same place as when we were there on Friday, with the same 2 poles above it, making it either 2’6″ or 2’9.”

I held my breath and watched through one eye, and P went over it.


I really wish one of us had thought to have him get on P towards the beginning. It was nice to know that what I’m feeling isn’t just in my head, and that P really is a bit tricksy.

So here are the takeaways.

The pros:

P is very trainable, very smart, and more than capable of jumping whatever he’s pointed at.

The cons:

P is very smart and has figured out how to make me dumb down what we’re doing so he doesn’t have to work so hard.

My job now is to work on adjusting the canter, something I’ve realized lately that I don’t work on really at all. I mean, I usually canter a few laps each direction while warming up, but besides that and cantering while jumping, I don’t actually focus on it too much, which is a huge fail. Trainer B was making P change his canter every few strides or so, so P has the ability to do it, now I just need to demand it. So that’s our major homework until we see him again next Thursday.

So much to work on all the time!


15 thoughts on “When a Pro Rides Your Horse…”

  1. My coach has me changing all the paces now…she said I have to do 5,000 transitions between or in the gaits, like lengthen, collect, downward, upward. Good news was I did like 12 in my lesson. Only 4988 to go LOL. I feel your pain.

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