For Sale…

Well, I’ve cleaned out the closet and the trailer. It was a sucky job, but some stuff has to go. Especially with the addition of all the camping stuff in the trailer. I can’t just hoard anymore. And I had to do it before husband came home.


So here it is, for your browsing pleasure. If anyone is interested in anything, email me at since I don’t always get notifications that there’s a comment. I can get additional pictures, etc. Shipping is from 28027.

Apparel (keep in mind I’m 5’10” and 155-160#. All this stuff fits me):

Ariat long sleeve sweater, size L: $5


On Course riding tights, size L: $5


Kerrits Sit Tight Supreme Full Seat Breeches (seriously sticky, saved my ass a few times): $10


Riding Warehouse Polo, size L: $5


Ariat White Polo, Size L: $5


SmartPak Piper Polo, Size L: $5


Kerrits Short Sleeve shirt, Size M: $5


On Course button down show shirt, size L: $5


Kerrits Ice Fil Tank, Size L: $5


SmartPak Piper Sleeveless Tank, Size L: $5


Devon Air knee patch breeches (a couple water spots, schooling condition), size 32R: $5


Devon Air Full Seat breeches, size 34R: $10


Kerrits Riding Tights, Size L: $5


Dublin Brown River Boots, Size 9 (Brand new, never worn): $125

I had bought these in sizes 9 and 10, and the 9 didn’t fit me in the slightest, but I missed the return window so selling these at a veeeery reduced price.



Horse Tack/Gear:

Harwich Eventer Bridle (schooling condition): $30

In decent condition except the leather is coming off of one side of the noseband’s buckle. I’m sure it can be repaired, but I haven’t taken it anywhere to check the cost.


Thinline reins in brown: $50


4.75″ Fillis Stirrup Irons with Super Comfort Stirrup Pads: $10



Majyk Equpe Boyd Martin XC Boots, Medium: $150 for all 4.

P is 16.1 TB and these fit him great. Love me some ME boots. Only selling because I got the colored ones and these aren’t getting used anymore. Great condition, only used maybe 6 times.



CWD, 18″ seat, M gullet, SE02: $800

2006 model, 4C flap (long, forward). Leather is worn off on the pommel, but it doesn’t affect riding and you can’t see it unless you’re riding. Also has some wear on the left side of the seat (see pictures). Quote from Aiken Saddlery in 2016 to replace seat was $600.


Stubben Pre-Stretched Stirrup Leathers: $25

Will sell these separately, or throw in with the saddle if that’s purchased first.


Thanks for checking this out!


11 thoughts on “For Sale…

    1. KC Scott Post author

      No, I decided to keep my trailer and just get AC/heat installed, plus a 30 amp hookup for camping. I haul so much, like 2-3x/week, and didn’t want to buy a bigger trailer. Mine fits just about anywhere!


    1. KC Scott Post author

      Maybe $7? If you want to look at the USPS site and put in your zip code as the destination and 28027 as the point of origin, take a look and let me know. I can’t imagine the breeches weigh more than a pound or so.



      1. Alex

        Yeah it’s about that. Ground seems to be 9$ for an envelope or box. I’d be interested in buying them if they are still available. My email is kamachi.alex at gmail if you’d like to email me for my address and payment talk. 🙂


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