Windridge HT: Cross Country!

So there we were, sitting dead last after show jumping (even though that was due to a scoring error on their part, but I figured I’d deserved to be in last…totes rational), but thankfully the fun part was coming.

Until there was mishap after mishap on XC (at all levels) and BN rider after BN rider came off of XC looking dejected after one or more stops. Even Trainer B came off course on a client’s horse and looked quite grim as he described how spooky the course was. The CD had set a few jumps right in the woods, when the horses go from full sun to darkness and then immediately have to jump and horses were backing off right and left- no pun intended.

Horses were spooking like crazy at jump 1 with the mulch, but this was pretty much the replica of Jump 1 at Chatt Hills so I wasn’t really worried
2 was just a ramp. We like ramps.
You jumped 4 and then immediately turned right to an up bank- my first up bank with Leo ever!
He nailed this
We’ve never jumped anything like this before with all the brush, and people were freaking out about it, but I had the feeling Leo wouldn’t care (spoiler alert: I was right)
Now this one, I was a little worried Leo would back off to since there’s water right behind it. And then we had to take that land bridge on the right and I had no idea how he’d react
I couldn’t believe these cute little rolltops claimed so many victims but the woods/light made it spooky (for some…wait til you see the helmet cam). We actually did 4 this time instead of 3!
This was another one that went from full sun to dark
Then an easy jump out of the woods
Lil cabin
The water…dun dun dun!
Then a little table was second to last
I’m told horses don’t like these mushroom jumps because of the gap at the bottom, but check the helmet cam to see Leo’s reaction

Warmup was quite busy so Trainer B had me trot a jump 3 times and then sent us right to the start box.

My friend took a video of us in warmup and sent me this screenshot with the caption “Majestic” bahahaha. Warmup Leo at his finest!

And we were off!

Jumps 1-3:

Jumps 11-13:

Jump 14:

Helmet cam!

We were ONE second away from getting speed faults, so that gave us a double clear round and moved us up to 8th (aka, NOT LAST).

Now…to work on show jumping…sigh.

Would rather do this

10 thoughts on “Windridge HT: Cross Country!”

  1. love how consistent this horse already is with you, and that you’ve been able to get so many great experiences to work off of!! hopefully his warm up craziness just subsides with experience and maturity lol. congrats again!


  2. I love that Leo is a XC beast!!!! I don’t think Windridge has ever been a Dressage kind of show which is so refreshing 🙂 The XC course is legit so pretty bad ass that you guys went around like it was nothing!!!


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