So, uh, as a follow-up to that last post…

I swear I had all good intentions of updating, like, 2 days after the last post. Somewhere between grad school apps, job interviews, transitioning someone into my current role, homeschooling, randomly riding Leo, and holiday prep, that post got pushed down to last priority.

So anyways.

The biggest change has probably been not having P in my life. But financially, having him on the back burner to do some dressage lessons with just wasn’t working out. Another boarder whose horse is injured had asked if she could take him to a local dressage show, so started riding regularly and P just flourishes when he’s the main man. I had no idea how he’d act at the show, since he hadn’t been to one in 2 years, and he was just a pro. That’s when I knew it was time to find him a new home.

He always knew when to turn it on

And one just fell in my lap. He’s at a hunter barn in VA and being long-term leased to a teenage girl who just thinks he walks on water. And we all know how P feels about kids. The trainer posted a video of him popping through a little grid with her and it gave me all the feels. He gets so much attention and love, and while I miss his face, it was the best thing all around.

P’s preferred ride

And it’s been great for my relationship with Leo. Leo is an awesome horse to ride, but I still felt like I didn’t really know him- I was always so rushed at the barn to try to get two horses ridden that I never spent any extra time with him. And financially it’s been quite relieving. Extra lessons and training rides never hurt anyone.

Since Trainer B is currently in FL, I’ve been riding him with Dressage Trainer K. K, who had to put up with this mess on a weekly basis:

Oh P…

…LOVES Leo’s work ethic (and canter). The tentative plan is for Leo to head down to Florida next month to get some more showing under his belt, and then come back in March while Trainer B does a couple big shows and then comes back to NC for the rest of the year. Hopefully another pandemic won’t hit and we can get back to the showing at a normal time.

Making Novice look like Green Bean

My next task is to get on y’all’s blogs and see what in the world everyone else has been up to. Unless we’ve talked via text, I’m pretty much clueless as to what’s happening anywhere else. But I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday, and no one jinx 2021!

Gah, he’s so cute

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