Competition Schedule

Upcoming 2019



Completed 2018

Mar 3/4: Windridge Horse Trials

D: 30.3

SJ: Double clear

XC: Retired after jump 6 😦

May 26/27: Virginia Horse Trials (move up to Novice with Trainer B)

D: 34.3

XC: Double clear

SJ: Double clear

6th of 25

June 17: War Horse Event Series (my move up to Novice)

D: 42.40 (error and lots of spooking)

SJ: 2 rails and one refusal + some time

XC: Clear jumping, 4 speed faults

9th out of 13

August: Windridge HT

Because he’s going to be injured FOREVER AND EVER.


May 13: LPEC Dressage Show

Beginner Novice B: 34.25

June 15-17: War Horse Event Series; Raeford, NC

Beginner Novice A: 30.8

SJ: RF….wah wah wah

August 13: Running Wind Jumper Show

2’3 Power & Speed: 5th (out of 12-15)

2’6″ Power & Speed: 5th (out of 10 or so)

August 19: TTC Jumper Show

2’6″: 4th out of…4

August 26: Brandywine Jumper Show

1sts and 2nds for 2′-2’6″

September 9: Hillcrest Schooling HT

D: 38.2

SJ: D.Clear

XC: 20 penalties

6th out of 14

October 7-8: Windridge HT; Mooresboro, NC

D: 40.00

SJ: D.Clear

XC: D.Clear

1st out of 9

December 2: TTC Jumper how

2’3″: 3rd out of 8

2’6″: 3rd out of  6

2’6″: 1st out of 6

2’9″: 2nd out of 7

December 10: Full Gallop Schooling HT, aka FIRST BN!

D: 43.9 (worst EVAAAHHH)

SJ: D. Clear

XC: D. Clear

3rd out of 6


March 19: Dressage & CT Schooling Show, Kingfisher Park

     Dressage: 35
     SJ: No penalties
     1st Place

April 30: Heather Ridge Schooling HT

Dressage: 29
SJ: No penalties
XC: 9 time penalties
2nd Place

May 14-15: Tim Bourke Eventing Clinic

May 28-29: Paradise Farm HT

Dressage: Eliminated because I’m an idiot

October 15: Paradise Farm HT

Dressage: 39.7
SJ: 0
XC: 20
2nd place


Feb 22- Frostbite Series, Why Not An American Ark

Dressage: Intro A (57%)

March 28- Hillcrest Farm D/CT/HT, Hillcrest Farms

Dressage: Beginner Novice B (59%)

May 2- Thoroughbred Training Center D/CT, Thoroughbred Training Center

Dressage: Beginner Novice B (57%) and Novice B (57%)

June 20- Thoroughbred Training Center D/CT, Thoroughbred Training Center

Dressage: Beginner Novice B (66%) and Novice B (68%)

August 8- Kingfisher Park D/SJ/CT, Kingfisher Park

CT: Tadpole

Dressage: Beginner Novice A (39)

SJ: 4 faults (refusal)

Total Score: 44

September 19- Hillcrest Farms D/CT/HT, Hillcrest Farm

HT: Maiden

Dressage: Intro C (33)

SJ: Double clear

XC: 2+ refusals

Total Score: Eliminated

October 12- War Horse Event Series, Carolina Horse Park

Too much rain=no schooling time!

October 18- Full Gallop Farm Schooling HT, Full Gallop Farm

Tadpole: 2’3, Beginner Novice A

Dressage: 40.8

SJ: 2 refusals

XC: 1 refusal

Toal Score: 68.8, 8th place

November 14- Kingfisher Park D/SJ/CT, Kingfisher Park

BN: 2’7, Beginner Novice A

Dressage: 43.2

SJ: Eliminated after 3 refusals

November 15- Dana Cooke XC Clinic, Kingfisher Park

BN/N: Success!! Jumped BN log, BN ditch, Novice bank, BN water complex

December 6- Full Gallop Farm Schooling HT, Full Gallop Farm

Hurt back so wasn’t able to ride 😦