Windridge HT: Dressage & SJ

I swear I do other things besides show. I’ve started at least 6 different posts about non-show things, then I get busy, then I go to a show, and, well, here we are.

We headed on up to Windridge last Friday (yes, I’m a week late with this) afternoon, with Husband, kids, and the dog in tow. Since my trailer sleeps one, we rented this RV through rvshare.com and 10/10 recommend. It’s like AirBNB for RVs, and this one did not disappoint.

Leo settled in much better than he did at VA, Husband made best friends with everyone around us (it’s what he does and why he’s a kickass salesman), we had a cookout with everyone on the team at our RV, and then got some shut eye because it was going to be a long day with 7 horses going the next day.

Husband brought the grill and had a serious spread going for breakfast and dinner. And how adorable is Adele at her first horse show?

Saturday morning, I did a pre-ride on Leo, then he had some bodywork done by a friend of Trainer B’s. I don’t know what voodoo he performed, but Leo went from super tight from his jaw to his hip, to fluffy, bouncy muscles (serious scientific terms there).

Relaxing with his ‘Merica mask on

The test wasn’t great, but wasn’t awful. The footing in all 3 rings was absolutely horrendous, as they had just been put in and way too much sand had been added. The ring I was in was the best of the three, at least, but the corner by M was trashed so I lost some points because when I went into the corner, Leo got angry and when I bypassed the corner, it showed a “loss of bend.” Trainer B and I have been working on a specific ride for the right lead canter, and he warned me the judge was going to hate it…and she did (5.5, lolz). But whatevs. We survived.

Gaits: 7.0 “Lovely type” (Duuuuhhh)

Impulsion: 6.0 “Needs bend for smoother test.” (And not boggy footing. That would help, too)

Submission: 5.5 “Some resistance today.” (Ya think? We were in a sand pit)

Rider position: 6.0 “Work leg to create more supple connection.” (Uhhh, ok…)

Final score: 36.1

Next was SJ, and it was going to be first time we’d done SJ on grass, as Windridge sets up on the XC course. I was more than a little nervous, especially when Rabid Antelope Leo tried to come out over the few jumps we quickly did in warmup before it got crazy in there.

So I go in, and I just feel like we’re bolting around. I came out going, “He was so wild!” and Trainer B looks at me and says, “Watch the video.”

Then he came back over and said, “Still think he was wild?”

They did screw up and give me 4.0 time penalties instead of 0.4 for the one second I was over, but I was to distraught by my horrible riding to care. All I know is that Warmup Leo totally psychs me out. And I had no good answer for Trainer B when he asked, “How come you ride so slow in show jumping, but you ride so fast on cross country?”

Because I ackshually LIKE cross country…which, thankfully, was next!

13 thoughts on “Windridge HT: Dressage & SJ”

  1. Holy hunter round! It was actually really nice! Sure, a little underpaced, but I’d prefer to see this than people who literally are bolting around!
    I feel like there is a fine line between the canter we want in SJ and too slow of a canter, so I feel ya.
    That course was one that would eat up time too, I bet- although it was absolutely beautiful!


  2. nice job getting it done on the grass too!! i kinda hate show jumping on grass, tho it’s suuuuper common here and seemingly unavoidable. you guys look great tho!


  3. ummmmm soooo I might creepy stalk you to all the shows if you keep renting the RV with the food setup and randomly throw money at Matt and say please feed me sir!!! Especially at Windridge!! Also I’m pretty sure your flag mask is the same one Milton has hahaha!!!

    Your horse is a beast- 8’s on his left lead canter? Yes please. The rest will catch up soon 🙂 You guys are seriously rocking it. He’s already such a different horse from the Windridge show Bobby took him Starter.


    1. Bahahahaha Matt says he’s down for that! He had sooo much food going, it was awesome. Those flag masks are the only ones I’ll wear! Gotta rel ‘Merica 🇺🇸


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